Move To Richmond NSW

Move To Richmond NSW

When was the first move to Richmond?

Way back in 1789 Governor Phillip had explored the district and, although it was considered isolated, the colony’s need for food and the richness of  Hawkesbury river flats, ensured early settlement. It was Phillip who climbed a small hill near the river and named it Richmond Hill in honour of the Duke of Richmond.

Richmond is located 19 metres above sea level, 63 km from Sydney and 5 km west of Windsor, Richmond is the second largest of the original Macquarie Towns and while it has been greatly changed by a population boom and the inevitable modern developments it still has a substantial number of interesting, historic buildings.

Why not visit and get moving to Richmond and see what beautiful history it has to offer. Moves to and from Richmond NSW are available weekly with the guys at Move To Removalists

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