Stress Busters for Moving House

If you’ve ever helped a friend move house, you’ve experience the second-hand stress. When it comes to experiencing the life-changing event for yourself, you want to be prepared and in control. As one of life’s top 3 most stressful events, it’s an occasion requiring preparation and coping mechanisms to ensure both your health and sanity make it through the move. Whether you’ve moving to Brisbane or leaving the city and moving to Kalgoorlie, the stress of moving will follow you if you don’t learn how to control it. Try these four simple stress busters for reducing your blood pressure while moving home:

Take a walk: Sounds simple enough, costs you nothing, and could save your life! Ten minutes is all it takes to remove yourself from the drama of moving house. Take yourself to a nearby park or open space, pull up a bench, clear you head, rest your feet, and when you’re ready, head back to the packing frenzy. The exercise will get the endorphins pumping and stop your blood pressure from rising.

Ingest some potassium: That’s right. Eat a potato. Or a banana. Both are high in potassium, which is responsible for regulating blood pressure. They’re cheap, easily accessible and highly versatile foods. Given you’re in the middle of moving house and have probably packed up the kitchen, keeping a bunch of bananas on hand is a quick and easy fix for beating hunger, increasing energy and requires absolutely no preparation time!

Listen to music: Pack your gramophone, iPod dock or CD player last, because you’re going to need it! Moving to Kalgoorlie can be a nostalgic time if you’re leaving the big city or coming from interstate. It’s a great time to play all those old songs that are full of happy memories. In fact, if you can dig up some classical music, you’re in luck – known for its ability to slow heart rate, decrease blood pressure and keep stress hormones at bay, classical music is the ultimate choice for moving house, and the neighbours will probably prefer it to high volume rock and roll.

Buy a pet plant: If you’re moving to Brisbane into a rental with strict rules around domestic pets, buying yourself a plant is the next best thing. Not only are they great for purifying city air, but research also reveals that just being surrounded by plants can have a calming effect, with the ability to reduce blood pressure.

There you have it: taking a stroll, eating a banana, putting on some Bach and investing in a ferny friend will all help reduce your stress levels when moving house. For further peace of mind, book a trusted, experienced removalist to get your belongings to your new house in the safest, fastest most reliable manner.

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