Packing Moving

Packing tips when Moving with Move To

Move To would like to help move you safely. Packing tips and tricks that can make life easier!

• You’ll want plenty of thick sturdy Removal Cartons.
• You can purchase special Wardrobe cartons for your clothes. They are known as Port-A-Robes
• Stock up with plenty of Removal Cartons, tape, markers, bags and newspaper.
• Disassembling furniture
• Get bubble wrap, tissue paper, and foam for packing cutlery & breakables

Move To: Packing Tips

• Wrap your good china in butcher’s paper before wrapping in newspaper. This keeps your china clean and white!

• When you dismantle beds and furniture, places nuts & bolts in a small non tear bag and tape securely to the furniture to ensure they all stay together.

• Tape remote controls & cables to the back of the relevant appliances.
• Use your luggage to pack clothing instead of boxes. No sense in packing an empty suitcase!
• Save room by packing your breakables with towels, blankets and clothing. Make sure these boxes are marked FRAGILE.
• Keep a Move To Furniture Removals Inventory list for each carton, and tape it to the box. This makes unpacking much easier, so that you can find a specific item when needed.
• Label each box on the top, and on the sides, so that stacked boxes can still be identified.
• Place your heavier items in small cartons, or at the bottom of a large carton with blankets and sheets to fill space. Make sure the box isn’t too heavy to lift!
• Use plenty of packing tape to securely seal your boxes.
• Remember to remove the plate from your microwave, and tape the door shut!
• Get Creative – If you need lots of smaller sized cardboard boxes, ask your local bottle shop or supermarket.
• Use a hand-cart or trolley for moving heavy items. They’re not expensive, and can save you from back injury.
• Use heavy gardening gloves when moving heavy items.
• If a box contains sharp items or tools, make sure the box is clearly labelled and nothing is sticking out.
• Prepare some empty space near your front door, and stack your boxes there ready for the move.

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