Removalists Gold Coast to Brisbane

Top 3 Removalist Packing Supplies

There’s much to envy of a laid back beachside lifestyle, but if you’re planning on trading the sun and sand for the streets of suburban Brisbane, there’s a few organisational matters to attend to before the big move. For anybody requiring removalists Gold Coast to Brisbane, there are three essential packing supplies needed to prepare your house before the removalists arrive:

1. Packing Tape

No, ordinary sticky tape or masking tape won’t make the cut. You need thick, sturdy, industrial-grade packing tape to ensure your boxes and their contents stay in one piece during transit. Tape should be approximately 5” wide, either light brown or clear in colour and can be purchased from any professional removalist service or hardware prior to moving. Investing in a tape gun will also reduce packing time. To safely secure your packing boxes, start on the side, push tape down at the beginning and drag it firmly across the top of the box and onto the other side. Press down firmly again before cutting the tape and then repeat on the adjacent side. Perform the same procedure on the top of the box after packing is complete. For heavy boxes, double layering is recommended.

2. Packing Boxes

Resist the temptation to use old or waxed boxes, as packing tape is less adhesive against waxed surfaces, and worn cardboard is likely to break in the move. If using waxed boxes, run the tape all the way around the box twice so the packing tape adheres to itself. New, purpose built, corrugated boxes are recommended and can be delivered to your house before the move by any reputable removalist. When packing, adopt a strategy of placing heavier items on the bottom, with lighter objects on top. Empty space can be filled with materials like tea towels, clothes and towels, and after these have been exhausted, butchers’ paper or bubble wrap can be used for additional padding.

3. Marker Pens

Marking packing boxes correctly can avoid confusion and make for removalists Gold Coast to Brisbane a seamless transition. While drawing the contents on the side of packing boxes might be a fun and creative way to keep the kids busy during the packing process, there is less time consuming and more descriptive ways of communicating to removalists where moving boxes should go. Using a thick, waterproof, permanent black marker pen, write the room to which the box belongs on both the top and side of the box. This way, you will be ale to read the labelling regardless of how the boxes are stacked without having to move them around.

Once you’ve organised a professional removalists Gold Coast to Brisbane and the packing process beings, it’s important to remember that boxes should not exceed 20 kilograms. Anything over this weight will prove difficult to move and puts the packing boxes at greater risk of tearing or giving way. You pack the boxes and let Interestate Removals take care of the rest. Get in touch with one of our friendly staff to request a quote today.